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Create fascinating cyanotype prints with camera-less photography. Using light sensitive papers, we will create beautiful and unique cyan prints. You will learn about cyan prints and go home with your very own creations.

Cyan prints are created using the sun. After selecting your leaves, flowers, grasses, objects, the sun will do its job and you will wash the paper off in water. See what you can create!

Make your very own cards for the festive season!

Festive Cyanotype print Card Making Workshop Tickets, Thu 8 Dec 2022 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

“What a full rounded positive learning experience with great company, a clear and lovely Tutor and an amazing washing line of inspired, unique and quite ethereal nature prints at the end.” 

“A great taster and introduction to the techniques and now I’m keen to explore it more. “

Quote from past attendee